AREMBEUSB Excel Sequencer Demo Workbook

The AREMBEUSBSequencerV1-0.xls workbook shows how to use the AREMBEUSB control to implement a sequencer, in which a pre-defined set of program steps, each of which defines the settings of eight digital and two analog outputs, is output in turn to the Velleman K8055/K8055N/VM110/VM110N USB Experiment Interface Board.

Each step includes the ability to program the condition under which the sequencer advances to the next step. These conditions include the receipt of a logic "0" signal at one of the board's five digital inputs, or a predefined time, or a loop to return to step 1.

Excel Sequencer Demonstration using AREMBEUSB


Software: AREMBEUSBSequencerV1-0.xls
Version:   1.0

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