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AREMBEUSB Remote Control Web server

The AREMBEUSB Remote Control system allows remote control of up to four Velleman K8055/K8055N/VM110/VM110N USB Experiment Interface Boards from any internet-enabled device that has a web browser, allowing boards to be operated over any distance, ranging from within the same room up to thousands of miles.

The system consists of a server program that is installed on the PC to which the boards are connected via their USB interfaces, and a control page hosted on this website. When the server is running but offline, simple controls allow the board(s) outputs to be set, and the inputs to be displayed, directly from the server program. When the server is placed online, it communicates with the website and registers the fact that it is running. Any user who then accesses the control page via a browser, be it on a PC, Smartphone, iPad, netbook, or any other device, can operate the board(s) using the page. In addition, if an error occurs (such as the board becoming disconnected, or the server going off-line), then the web page will report this information.

No Special Apps Required

AREMBEUSB Remote Control Web Page

A great advantage over other remote control systems is that there is no need to install any special app or program on the controlling device or computer, since the control page is always available via this website. All that is needed is an active internet connection and a web browser.

When a system is being controlled from a web page, if another attempt is made to connect to the same system from another device or browser, then the second web page can operate in a "monitoring" mode, allowing the status of the system's boards(s) inputs and outputs to be displayed but not allowing them to be controlled.

PC Requirements for Server

AREMBEUSB Remote Control Help System

The server program has been verified as operating correctly on computers running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista 32 bit, and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions). Of course, the PC also requires an active internet connection, and free USB ports to which the K8055/K8055N/VM110/VM110N boards can be connected.

Device Requirements for Web Page Control

The only requirement for operating the web page is a device with an active internet connection (fixed or wireless) and a browser with support for JavaScript enabled. Cookies do not need to be enabled but if they are then it will save having to re-enter the Server ID each time the page is accessed.

Need more information?

Click the link on the left to download the full product manual (in Adobe PDF format).

Try before you Buy - Download AREMBEUSB Remote Control Today!

The software can be downloaded without charge by clicking the link below or on the left. If you have already installed the AREMBEUSB ActiveX Control (which it uses) and purchased an Activation code then it is fully operational. If, however, you do not have an activated version of the control then the Remote Control system will use it in a demonstration mode, which is fully functional except that the number of data transfers from the server program running on the PC to the board is limited for each session in which the server program is run.

Once you are happy that the system meets your needs you can purchase an activation code for the AREMBEUSB ActiveX Control by clicking the link in the software, or on the left sidebar on this page.

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