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AREMBE Auadicity SoftwareBuild your own low-cost system for creating sound and light shows, using the AREMBE Audacity software to control Velleman K8055/K8055N/VM110/VM110N USB Experiment Interface Boards. No complex programming is required. Simply import or create a music track, select which outputs you want to switch on at each step, and then synchronise the steps by adding a label for each step to an Audacity Label Track.

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AREMBEUSB Software Toolkit

Have you ever wanted an easy and low cost way of using your PC to control your own electrical items, such as motors, relays, and lamps, or to monitor the status of switches and measure voltages?  If so then the AREMBEUSB software toolkit could be just what you are looking for. And with the complementary AREMBEUSB Remote Control system you can now even control the boards from anywhere in the world!

The kit works with the Velleman Model K8055/K8055N/VM110/VM110N USB Experiment Interface Boards, which are widely available from a number of different suppliers both in kit form and as an assembled and tested unit, and users have found many different applications for them, including:

Further information about the boards is available from the Velleman website by clicking these links:


The complementary AREMBEUSB Remote Control system allows remote control of up to four Velleman K8055/K8055N/VM110/VM110N USB Experiment Interface Boards from any internet-enabled device that has a web browser, allowing boards to be operated over any distance, ranging from within the same room up to thousands of miles.

Works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones, netbooks, notepads, and PC's

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Other Software

An Excel workbook shows how to use the AREMBEUSB control to implement a data logger, which records the status of the five digital and two analog inputs to the board. Data can be taken as a function of time, or as trigger events occur. Click here for more details

Another Excel workbook shows how to use the control to implement a sequencer, in which a pre-defined set of program steps, each of which defines the settings of eight digital and two analog outputs, is output in turn to the board. Click here for more details

Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface BoardAREMBEUSB Active X Control Overview

The board, which simply connects to a free USB port on the computer, is supplied with software, but we felt that it would benefit from a better package that makes it easier for novice programmers to incorporate it in their projects. So we created AREMBEUSB, a software toolkit that includes examples of how to do this in a number of different languages. Using these as a starting point it is possible to:

AREMBEUSB IconThe AREMBEUSB software is supplied complete with online help and a 35-page instruction manual in PDF format making it even easier to understand how to use it. It has been tested and verified for operation on computers running Windows XP and Windows Vista (32 bit versions) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions).

In order to allow you to check that it will be suitable for your needs, you can download it free of charge from this website and install it on your computer. It will then run in a demonstration mode, which is fully functional except that the number of data transfers from the PC to the board is limited for each session in which the software is used.

Once you are satisfied it will do what you need, then it can be converted to the full version by purchasing and installing an Activation Code.

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